• Aren't We Nice!

    Free Postage will continue through to 2013!

    It looks like our free p+p is here for a while longer as Fxnailz continues to treat its loyal Fickles fans. We promise to send out you order (Fickles and kits) free of charge regardless of size or quantity!

  • 14 x Bottle Fickles 'Undecided' Super-set

    Strictly for the completists among us, a chance to possess the full range of Special FX Fickles. 14 x 9ml Bottles each with their own alternate shade, every combination at your fingertips. Treat yourself to more decisions. Tell me more

  • Oh Dear!

    Floral Foilkits Out Of Stock!

    All good things must come to an end and that has never been more true for our extremely popular Floral Foilkits that ran out this month! We're working hard trying to stock more of this superb product and we'll publish any updates on the site.

  • The Silver Lining

    Fabulously Funky Nail Kits Now Available

    Ok so the floral foilkits running out was a bit of bummer but all is not lost! Fxnailz now have the Fabulously Funky nail art kits to really glam up you nails for the festivities ahead! Show me the kits!

  • More Silver Lining!

    Pink to Silver Fickles™ added to Manicure sets!

    Tis' the season for giving and fxnailz are now throwing in a free bottle of our favourite Fickle™ with every purchase of the excellent Oh La La French Manicure sets Show me the kits!